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Building just what you want

At SME Builders Network we excel in every aspect of service we provide. Our services have always received an outstanding review from the clients we have served. 


       We are consultants who work on your behalf to find the perfect match for your desired construction. No matter what your project is, our responsibility is to find the right builders or contractors and negotiate with them on your behalf, thus leaving the hard work to us.


You can also consider us a comparison “website” for your project. But instead of “website” we have consultants who deal with you on one-to-one basis and provide you bespoke services.


We know that not all projects are the same therefore we will search the right team according to your demand. We would not only provide you with a quote that’s in your budget but will also bring value for your money.*


*  This text has been essentially written like this so that you read the next part below it.



Yes there is a small print above this picture, the most annoying thing in a contract. You`ll always get these once you sign a contract with a builder on your own and this is what will make your project`s cost go higher. At SME Builders Network we simplify these wordings and provide simple and transparent quote.


We know that fake reviews about businesses have flooded the market. We eliminate the risk of hiring unwanted and low quality builders and contractors. We provide the true profile with the Building and Refurbishment works that have already been carried out.



House Design & Residential Architecture

We work with experienced architects and structural engineers

We answer all your basic questions like Is your builder going to be punctual? Is the team who is working at your precious project trustworthy? Are they going to produce quality work?

No matter how small or big your project is we will provide the same level of quality. We have worked on various projects such as loft conversion, extension, refubishment and new builds.

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